2008 and 9 Re-Discoveries

Friend’s Visit

Can’t tell

If it was my place

Or her place,

If he came over

Or we sat down

In a road intersection

Smoking ideas as inspiration

Drinking the night’s smell

And playing crazy.

If he ‘protected’ me

Or I laughed at his fear

Of invented ‘evil’ enemies.

If she wrapped me

Up in her arms

Or I held her

through the


Painful things.

If they laughed at me

or I smiled at them,


If I cried his tears

That couldn’t come

Or he rocked my pain

With understanding.

Because it was all of this

And more

And all


To imagine.

Better if you have a life

And live it though.


What a beauty!

What a beauty,

To loose myself

And find again

A different version

Always upgraded

Till I can’t tell the difference

Between where I start

And where on earth

You think you begin.

That is friend-ship


Love seasoned


Not sure,

But looking


Roaming around

Under stars


The strangest things

If only,


Some clues

Can seep in.


Do you have any idea

How special our meeting

For real

That was God right there

Here’s my clue to

Look for meaning beyond letters

Wish I could say

I don’t need more of it

But my search for Love

I guess is so hungry

I cannot see the ending

So this is about you

And beyond you

That’s how Love and God

Pair together too.


You don’t need an intro

To mysticism officially

It’s all about unity with God

And you live it.

When I looked at you

I saw Him, The Friend

I do not have time to be with

And true seeing means

Changing instantly.

Hope that can work

For turning all our

Invented Evil

Into disappearing

This is my voice

searching for meaning

and knowing it

just coming in disguise

in the form of you

and playful poetry.


I feed on Love these days

That’s what gives me energy

The source of meaning,

I think I have found it

Now I’m grappling with the fact

That I’m still here in this body when

Gone is all I can think of

Wanting deeply

When you open that meaning door

Its implications are never-ending

And overwhelming

Wish I could say I know

How to handle that joy

And this pain

All I can do is this scribbling

Forcing meaning gently

To come out clearly.


When I have no fear

Then it’s simple

I do not create its reality

She is my sister I told you

When I love her and

hold her gently

she loves me.



Essential identities

Clues to keep understanding

What for were we

Given these bodies.

I want bigger

Portions in spirit

And I mean it

Your love is a good entry point

But how persistent

Do we have to be?

To get things clearly


Me, I know some answers

And I want to live it

This presence to Truth

When embodied in you too.


I am not here because  of ‘have to’

I am here because I want

And I love what I’m doing

This presence to Love

In our encounter

Reveals me to the me

Hungry for meaning

Brings me home

In the arms of understanding

Whatever playful form

That takes today.

Nothing in flesh

Can compare to that spirit

But help point to it

Its memory is so strong

And so sweet

We always search for it

Like when I’m in love, literally

And can’t get one out

Of the memory of my body.


Pointless to attach myself

to you or her passing this way

You are all one showing me that

Grace is such a gift

Presence to your reality is key.

Here’s your free entry ticket

To heaven

In the here and the now

In our middle.


You got it

The friend’s voice

– Good metaphor for God, Hafiz

Got this one clearly straight –

Is always here

In the middle of the night

As anytime.

A voice and a presence

For which we need





Don’t need to give you

any of my past

presence to present

is all that is needed

this is creation that is neverending

and which does not, thankfully,

let me sleep.


Magic of meeting


Do you see it

The miracle



Work is my place to see beauty

I prepare for it

Then I see it

What a joy of connection

And of knowing.

When I don’t have friends there

I make them,

Like playing with clay.

Welcome to creation time,

Every single day.

Why keep on separating

Same Aspects of Ourselves

And insisting on division lines

Identity Barricades.


Time is here and now


Maybe we don’t have to

wait for the „right” time

If we extend hunting for horizon

And discover it moving on

When I know I love being

In the ship of


with you


call it friend-ship

call it whatever

secret you wish

That is the freedom

from hiding I seek

Like in our games from childhood

When I came running out

and said „Tic-tac” Ina

I touched you

Before you touched me


I have fell and hurt myself

again and again

picked up by you too

and then fallen again

and I’ve learned my lesson

now we can begin

a relationship that

will never be the same

Because it will be

constant creation

of truth sharing

from our  hearts joining reason

by hand

where love in the open

is possible

no hiding of souls nor bodies


a relationship where we are

one another’s soul guides

I remember you,

you remind of me

together we can laugh so hard

as to wake of from this amnesia

of who we are.


Everything has double sense

At least

That’s why we can talk

In metaphors

And also mean it.

No contradictions of levels

But unity.

My Flesh is trying to understand

The Spirit knows but without Her

He is not complete.


Ina, stop it

Wanting everybody

Coming your way like this.

What crazy Goddess

Woke up in you

This is not it!

What if it is?

And all tricks I develop

Are to get you

Closer to me.

Welcome to the

Foreign land

Of * * * * * * *

7 by 7

Mis –


– Ings

All in the middle

Of the Happening.

We should talk



All over,

‘Good’ strategies.

of hanging in here.


Been fishing again

some leaves

in the water today,

Swimming around

Pretending they’re fish

Under cover,

Just like me.

I recognized them,

I tell you.

And they said:

Stop playing around

Unless you admit

You are playing

This amnesiac game

Where we see not us

In the other.

And play mute.

Suit yourself, they said

We recognize you, too.


La re-sentimentaire en moi

Digerant toujours les forts sentiments

Se rends compte que l’idee impossible

N’est pas d’oublier et pardonner

Mais de se rappeller et changer.

Ca va pour nous aussi, ma Cherie.

Et pour tous les autres qui

Digerent continuellement la haine

Au lieu de le laisser et danser.


I knew we would not meet

Without having planned it

The knowing nor the meeting

Working away to understanding

Your presence in the memory

Of my body and beyond it.


How does it feel?

That I may be never seeing you again

Painful, like the pain of separation

Nothing I can do but hold it

And continue to look for unity.


This Fri- Day

I have said good bye to you

Painful – like any separation

But deeply thankful

For your presence












At times















there’s a lizard

in my house

that laughs

at this tentative

she becomes one

with the wall to climb

through her million

fine endings.

Just imagine:

The relationship

As the only thing

That actually exists.

What if?


Love as usual

Even from an eon

Of distance

In time and space,

We’re connected


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