LESSONS from Nature & the Created

My next idea for poetry tentatives

The millionth idea now

The play simply does not leave me

That is how God must have felt

When he started creating

He felt so much joy at even the thought of it

That with love

He started making it a reality

Thought is all it takes and pure joy of living

Unity of love and joy

Gives life now and always

Take our bodies and love to baby making

As a clue, if you don’t believe me.

Or take anything else, in any form you see

And look at its pattern of unity.

As a matter fact, this is not believing

Or non –believing

Me or him or her,

The goddess pairing with god

More generous in giving us clues


This is about listening

to the voice of creation

Hidden deep down in you.

A Sioux legend of creation making

and God hiding the secrets

Tells that he chose to hide it not

in the deepest oceans or the furthest moon

As we would get there eventually.

The last gate, the last frontier to be won

Would be inside

And we would not get there easily.

See, how God is playing tricks on us

Well, it is about time we told you

Some of us figured it out

And will not shut up

Enough of this hide and seek game

In looking for the essence.


Sky and clouds

Playing with the clouds to shape them into different forms

It is imagination and creation in the same time

Did you ever have the impression they were actually moving

In the direction of your imagination?

I anchor myself in the sky

Taking the clouds as the many million of thoughts

I create and then occupy my limited mind

When I know I, in fact, am beyond

Linked with the clear blue immensity

Fishing for meaning in the sky

Now I understand how fishermen

Can wait patiently by the lake

What I Always thought is a waste of time

Even if I don’t get anything

Any small fish to eat

I know the source is there

And there is plenty.


North Sea

First time in my life

That I saw the foam of the sea

The one the Greeks say

Gave birth to Afroditis

The goddess of love

coming out of nothing


Coming out of a foam

The result of the unity

Of the water and air

Love in itself is another unity gate

When it takes me close to your body

Merging our souls like that

Who would have thought this love

Can be such a real gate to paradise

If we are there, ready for it.


water and sand

water wrinkles the sand

in little mountains

that is how it must have played

with the earth itself

to give us the mountains

today was the first time I saw it

wondering why to keep on living

and then all these discoveries

come to say

you have seen nothing yet.


Thinking you are better than others

The sin of superiority

A false one

Since there is no such reality

They forgot to teach us the other half of this sin though

The one inferiority

Our entire systems are built on this

Always trying to prove

I’m not the last one in the queue

Take a look at trees

As a clue for your rankings

Not such thing as better or worse

We are all in the middle

Of the story happening

Right now

Life, that is.


trees and leaves

dancing in the wind

do you think one or the other

think of its superiority

or inferiority?

Both as impardonable sins

Veils to prevent us seeing

The unity

And our common search

For meaning.


Roses in us

I am like a flower, literally

The more joy at life I feel

A rose

with so many odourful petals

There for the senses of lovers to be

Opening gradually

Only had the thorns so far

And the bud, the potential

Openness, honesty, feelings expressed

Show vulnerability

I was taught to hide it

It is time I told you

Nothing you do

Can touch my beauty

You can rejoice at it, see it

But if you to try to break in

Thorns are there to defend me.



I was told, cannot continue flying

If only we touch their delicate wings

In our desire to caress them

At the wonder of their being

There is something in that meeting

That will take away their most

Beautiful gift of flying

Learn to love from afar and see beauty

Touching to destroy is not necessary.

Hafiz- let people go through life completely unharmed by your views


Flower lost.

died on my balcony

not enough attention maybe

love is an exercice

you can’t forget about it

and wait for it to be active

try loving a bit every day,

starting before breakfast

to open yourself early

to the miracles coming your way


put yourself in the disposition of love

that is the secret

as if ready to make love to anything

when you love everything is ok,

all others do is meaningful

tough maybe hurtful in some way

when love is mutual

mutuality excludes danger and fear

they are not necessary

when I trust you completely

only love can do  such a feat

worthy of telling stories

so here is my love story

at your feet

no need for formalities

smile as a silent prayer of gratitude

would suffice


Fire exists only in unity with air

Everything needs something else to be

Being possible only in relationship

Think of this next time you put out a cigarette.


Grain of sand

Alone blown by the slighest wind

Wrinkled by water in all possible forms

Together unbreakeable

By your invented weapons.

Standing together is the secret.


if you were ill

and the doctor told you

your medication is being in nature

would you wait three months for it?

Would you plan getting better

in your annual holidays?

Or would attend to your sickness


When the trees are dancing

They show us some tricks

About functioning in unity

For all of us there is medication in nature


my church going this Sunday morning

will be nature exploring

i want her as a teacher for a change

starting with the sky and the stars

the first bits of creation

adam and eve came last

so let me hear their ancestors

and mine

the moon and the tide


the birds know lessons

we have forgotten

flying is the first

when we let go of our invisible wings

that can carry us over the fields

no recipes but your own wings to find

what makes you light with joy

so light that your next dancing step

will take you higher up than the floor?


Where does the smile go after laughing?

Where do the stars go during daylight?

Their story of presence as disguised in non-presence

The smile is always just one smile away

Nothing better as introduction to it

Then becoming its reality.


I do not belong here

I am going to build myself

Another home

Closer to skies that are freer

Of all the clouds you keep

Sending my way

In the forms of your fears.


Repetition as the mother of learning

is that why we keep stumbling

on the same realities

the lesson we simply don’t get yet?

I am tired of these repetitions

Same ideas we keep on repeating

Ad nauseam

Better to be silent

Biggest lesson to the talkative in me

Things we all know

Why continue to discuss for

Leave that chair

For a breath of fresh air

Join the silence of the open sky

Maybe better discoveries

can come from there

Than from your lectures,



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  1. intuitivecat a spus:

    amazing. thank you for sharing

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