Mapping out sweet love madness


„there are a 100.000 kinds of love

water out of the same fountain

cannot be both bitter and sweet”


Standing at the gates

Of heaven or hell

All the same

Only direction counts

In or out,

In / Out

All leading in the same place

To enter

Let all, all, all

Attachments go.

Still I hang in between

This fine line is our reality

The one we trap one another in

Do I need your help to break through,

Or I just want to share this with you?

This beautiful game that needs two

At least two to stand together

For the sake of joy sharing

And discovery

Come in so you can take me out

How does this sound for a romantically

Formulated request for a meeting?

A date in this soul universe

Where 2 get together in the name of 3

and the game starts,

all over again,

same rules

different outcome


as of today,

January 2&3.


My friends are writing these poems

Rumi is one of the craziest I love

Pairing with Hafiz, a secret Lover to be

You know how they say about mystics

“most of their poems were lost in time”

I like them so much,

The found ones

That I say ‘what a pity’, wanting more

So they come visit me with their voices

I have no merit at all.

But I can use them all as a pretext

To stay more in your arms


Every single one here

is about you

take them seriously

but don’t be scared

or do not fuel your ego

they’re valid just as well

for anybody else

and that is the best escape route

if you want to keep saying no, go!

I can use them as pretexts

To be held in your arms

Like right now

When I am alone

Or when I am talking

To you on the phone


One for you

one for him

I can’t decide

And I do not want

to make up my mind

I want you all

One at a time

For the most selfish reason

I guess one can tell

To complete Me

To kill the Separation Fairy.

Though I might as well

Befriend her and

Then laugh at her face.


How to stay strong in love

Besides working on it every day

Send messages

no expectations

for you to respond

if I really let this go

I know I’ll get love

In whatever shape

No matter what you do

I’ll get love from you anyway

Promise to me to recognize

Your loving and beauty

Behind ugliness or perfection

All invented out of

Sheer nothingness.

No matter what you do

I will see love in you.


If not knowing anything

About God

Is no contradiction to


Why would

The same thing

About you

Sound superficial?


it’s all in my poems

no beginning and no formal end

my endless journey to meaning

take your time

to understand and want more

to join me in this treasure hunt

or not

will wait for your move

and if it never comes

that’s ok too

working to dis-attach the attachment

when you think it’s about you,

that is true

but it’s not your ego that it fuels

I see something much deeper

Where I’d like to meet you.


my love poems

are about finding you

and about letting you go

the attachment of you

writing now to tell you for later

words are not necessary


Love coexisting with fear

I want to live in that love

More often and openly

Without fearing your interpretations

And the borders you set

for love and in what relations

Loving you –and then

Greatest fear –

Your not letting yourself

lean close to me.

This is poetry

So undress me if you will

Take off all of my clothes

These metaphorical words

under which I am hiding

That’s what I am going to do

Love you completely too.

Take it or leave it

Fake it or go

This is a generous offer

I meant it when I said

I am letting you go.


What to be doing

what can I be doing

and is doing the answer

or being

loving actually

may be more beneficial

than action oriented solutions



God, I see,

Love = Eternal life

And I want more of it

Always, in principle,

And also just now.

I am hotter than ever

Like a piece of iron

For you to model me

In whatever image

You want to be

Now or never

Present or dead.


Will you be the wildest of lovers tonight?

Will you finally say yes to

Hold me in that piece of heaven

I want to drag you in too.

Or all you do is talking about

Abstract love?

Would you be happy with half the truth

I am tired of it, God,

I want to understand

Everything you give

and I hold undisclosed

These words and images are failing me

What is your potion for healing tonight?

And when can I have a bigger portion?


I want unity

Love is such a good pretext for it

[no more pretexts I said lately]

speaking love, I know you get it

you just misinterpret it and activate fear

or control tricks, alternatively.

That’s why I do this love talk to you

I’d use any tricks

To birth an understanding.

How is that for a measure of love?

The highest.

And you still stand aloof

Maybe thinking.

No, of course


can do

nothing for it.



Waking up

in the middle of the night

With the best type of



laughing out loud.

at my having to

do things

Did not say “I”

waking up

on purpose,

cause I ‘m not sure

it’s the ‘I’ I know

The “I” walked around most days.

God, interjection & reality,

I sure am glad

Joy is being so loud inside.


‘God’ is one of my interjections lately.


I don’t really mean God.

I am playing with the words I guess,

It doesn’t mean anything – intended at least

It’s just another way of talking,

Expressing wonder, content, joy,


You know interjections!

When I am talking to God however

Lots of issues to figure our lately

Same ‘interjection’ comes out.

So I am working on figuring this one


God: Interjection AND reality

Just like the interjection

The Reality can express whatever

Because whatever is just another name

For anything/everything

And that’s exactly what God is,

the voice insists:

She/ He

I/ We.


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