We all

and all we have

is the potential to be


in the best and worst

possible senses

no flattery of the ego possible

when beautiful

nor judgment and doom

when ugly

two faces of the same reality

which ones makes you happier

is the better question

which one do you feel closer

to your true nature?


Your other

has a problem

you ponder over

finger pointing outside in

and so do you

over and over again

the same problem you see

has deep roots in you too

how to understand it in a way

that makes you love it

love him, her  out of it

lend your arms

that is where grace sits

she is the quiet mother

that knows loving equally,

in her we find unity.


My key for non-demonizing others:

The understanding they’re

here to help me.

Whatever they’re doing

They’re enhancing my experience

Of who I am and who I’m not

They’re loving me

in a very wide sense

I don’t yet understand.


When I know I am beautiful

Yet I can’t be that with you

Here’s your key

to see through the ugly.

We’re all beautiful

But don’t show it always

Too exhausting maybe

Or too many misunderstandings

about our role here.

Being ugly may be easy

As a way to avoid be.

That is non living

I should pity me

And look into changing

Rain my beauty

Closer to you

Closer to always

Without distinctions

And aims for sanctity.


Raining inside

so much compost to transform

in me, hopefully

to turn into a more beautiful

flower soon

beautiful for you

to look forward to.

I am not raining my beauty on you

Trapped and wondering if it’s me


Again the one not able to see


How you are showing a mirror to me.

All I can think of is say no

Give me some time

To speak to the mirror

Without hurting you

That is the last thing I’d want to do


Waking up beautiful memories

Some beauty is always there

Even in the darkest past

If you open to see it

A change of lens is sometimes

All that is needed

To rediscover our capacity

To see beauty

And give back humanity

To our constructed enemy.


Let it be done

Accepting the reality and understanding

Is not passive resistance

But looking with the eyes of grace

On every little thing

Or big coming your way.

It is there for a reason

That another you in you has created

To take you up to a higher level of understanding

Even though sometimes through its opposite

That makes you miserable and unhappy.



Sister game with blaming

finding somebody/anybody

at the root of all evil

starting with poor Eve

what if the judge places himself

in the role of the goat

as another role to play

and what if we sacrificed the goat

on the altar of our common humanity

and ate it

we could have a feast

around common meals

and she’d do the work inside

next time when ready to judge

try this instead

it could have been me.

what if it was me?

the only logic is unity.


I am becoming me



What a long journey has been

What a painful walk through

labyrinths of fears.

My friends,

-physically and metaphorically,

feel free to visit me

I’ll recognize

and love you

into disappearing.


I am becoming

of age and of beauty.

Realizing that all the ugliness

Was in fact borrowed,

Like other things.

I am working on this

I still don’t believe

Your saying it

When coming along.

But, thank you

For putting it so clearly.

I’ll get there sooner or later.



I am wrestling with me

Every single day I’m awake

My closest Lover I should be

And toughest do I play.


How to work

on the inadequacy

of my being here

in this body and reality

caught up in expectations

and attachments

when all I really need is be free

roaming under stars

trying to find a more beautiful

version of me

computers are a clue


there’s always a better version in time

evolution is speeding up

let’s work the same on the inside.


I want to be beautiful

That is:

I want to be able to see

Able to look back at you

With the eyes of love,

Best disguise for beauty.

I want to understand

what molded

The beauty in you

Maybe in it there’s a clue

For me.


my unity

with what I don’t like

is my night time exercise.

take the persons I found irritating

and look at the source of irritation in me

is it me hidden deep

the me I don’t like

when I see so clearly?

The version of me I would

like to outgrow from,

how to do it while

loving you in the process

is the big query.


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